The requirements for English class are as follows:

            • Textbook - CAE Gold Plus
  • Gold CAE plus 11th grade.jpg
  • Notebook

  • Class attendance&participation

  • Quizzes

  • Essays (2, posted on the blog)

  • Project: spoken presentations for the first semester and short films for the second semester (see details below)

Second semester


Requirements :

Students will work in groups of minimum 3 students and maximum 5.

Length - 5-10 minutes

Script written in English and submitted together with the films themselves (either on dvd, or shared via hosting/file transfer sites). Students will not be given their marks unless they have submitted the aforementioned materials.

All films will be viewed during a time period (to be chosen) in May.

Films must include credits and bloopers. Students not credited with any part in the process of creating the films cannot receive a mark.

Extra credit is given for films that include subtitles (in English!). All students must be featured in the films, with at least 2 or three spoken lines, otherwise they will not receive credit for their work.

The film must be on one of the following topics:

  • Family

  • Motivation, talent and creativity

  • Travelling and exploration

  • The wonder of nature

  • The ghosts of the past - the importance of history

  • The mighty pen - the world of writing

At the link below you can see the film done by students in our high school which won first place, as well as the one done by the Italian team, which ranked second at the Science Film Festival organized in the current Comenius project.

Grammar exercise sheets

Here you will find extra practice for all of the major grammar items discussed in class. The exercise sets must be printed and solved at home, and they will be checked in class. Having all the sets and solving them improves not just your language ability, but increases your chances at a top mark in English this year.

Tenses set

FCE 1 Gerunds and infinitives theory&practice.pdf

FCE 1 Passive voice theory&practice.pdf

FCE 1 Causative theory&practice.pdf

FCE 1 Conditionals theory&practice.pdf

FCE 1 Adjectives theory&practice

Supplementary activities for extra credit

Students who wish to improve their marks can download and solve the exercises featured in the document below. In order to receive full credit for their work, the solved exercises must be at least 75% correct.

Use of English - further practice

For a second mark, if required, students will have to write an opinion essay of around 250 words, using the appropriate essay structure, as detailed by the books to be found in the Writing Theorysection of the blog, on one of the following topics:

1. Marks motivate students to learn.

2. Class attendance is essential for high school students

3. Exams are the best way to evaluate a student's abilities and knowledge.