The requirements for English class are as follows:

  • Textbook - Gold Proficiency Gold New Proficiency 12th grade.jpg

  • Notebook

  • Essays (2, the ones required for Competente)

  • Class attendance&participation

  • Short films (1st semester)- work in groups of maximum 5 students, choose a topic, write your script, cast the parts, film and edit and complete your short film, making sure it's not shorter than 5 minutes and it includes credits and bloopers. All students must have a part and speak lines in English.

  • Spoken presentations (2nd semester)

  • See below for materials to help you prepare for the Bac examination in English.

2013 English language examinations materials

The subjects from the written exam can be downloaded from .

The subjects from the spoken exam can be downloaded from .

Useful package for preparing for the exam (essay structure, list of linkers) .

Students are advised to sit language exams and obtain language certificates, such as FCE, CAE or IELTS, which are equivalent to the Bac examination.

Details about the long list of language certificates (and languages) which are accepted (which includes PET!) and necessary documents can be downloaded from the links below.

You can find models for IELTS, CAE and FCE language examinations at the page below:

Language exams&certificates