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  • Textbook - in class, exercises will be solved on the textbook.

  • Notebook - all homework is written on the notebook, with the exception of Self-check units.

  • Class attendance&participation - you have to be active in class in a productive way.

  • Portfolio - it contains exercise sheets, corrected papers and other work. Some works will be posted online.
  • Short films (1st semester) - you will have to work in groups of maximum 5 students, choose one of the given topics, write a script, cast your short film, film and edit it, add subtitles (otional for extra points) and present it in class. All students must appear in the film and they all must have lines in English (at least 4 per student). The film has to be at least 5 minutes long, and it must include credits and bloopers.
Social aspects: family, friendship, etc.
History (historical events, legends, myths)
Travel and adventure
Parodies of film genres (comedies, horror films, thrillers)
  • Spoken presentations (2nd semester)

Daca doriti sa fiti pregatiti pentru sustinerea probei de bilingv/intensiv sau/si Olimpiada Creativitatii, folositi cartile postate la pagina Grammar books&other materials.