The requirements for English class are as follows:

  • Upstream intermediate revised 9th grade.jpgTextbook - Upstream Intermediate revised (student's textbook). Exercises solved in class must be written on the book.

  • Notebook

  • Class attendance&participation

  • Project: Theater Festival for the first semester and spoken presentations for the second semester (see details below)
  • Portfolio - grammar exercise hand-out (solved at home, checked in class)

1st semester - Theater Festival

Students will receive a mark depending on how well they learn their part in the play staged by their class for the first edition of Theater Festival. Extra credit can be gained for fluency and creativity. The play will be staged in December. The play for 9th grade is The survivor's guide to being a 9th grader. Remember to choose a part and have a cast ready by the 2nd of October!

Grammar exercise sheets

Here you will find extra practice for all of the major grammar items discussed in class. The exercise sets must be printed and brought to class to be solved. Having all the sets and solving them improves not just your language ability, but increases your chances at a top mark in English this year.

FCE 1 Tenses practice

FCE 1 Conditionals theory&practice.pdf

FCE 1 Passive voice theory&practice

FCE 1 Causative structure theory&practice

FCE 1 Modal verbs theory&practice

FCE 1 Adjectives theory&practice

FCE 1 Wishes theory&practice

FCE 1 Inversion theory&practice

FCE 1 Reported Speech theory&practice

Students who wish to improve their marks can download and solve the exercises featured in the document below. In order to receive full credit for their work, the solved exercises must be at least 75% correct.

Further practice