Writing theory - models and structure for different types of essays and letters

In order to learn the proper structures for essays and letters, formal and informal, read the relevant chapters in the books posted in the links below. (You will have to unzip them before reading). Check the contents page to see what type of essays and letters you must know (especially for contests - like olimpiade - and language certificates).

Grades 5th-8th

Writing Intermediate


Writing Intermediate Contents.jpg

Grades 9th-11th

Writing Upper Intermediate


Writing Upper Intermediate Contents.jpg

Grade 12th

Writing Proficiency


Writing Proficiency Contents.jpg

Depending on your level of English, you can always consult a more advanced book. For example, an 8th grader may study using Writing Upper Intermediate, and a 11th grader may use Writing Proficiency. The structures are the same, but the level of complexity of the essays and the vocabulary used is different.

If looking for ways to prepare for Cambridge Exams, Writing Upper Intermediate is perfect for First Certificate, while Writing Proficiency is suitable for Cambridge Advanced and Cambridge Proficiency.